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Děčín, Czech Republic

200 cows, 20 horses • 1 cultivating module • installed in 2019

„Growing technology installed in a shipping container is a great benefit for us. We were pleasantly surprised by the simple handling and very low water consumption. Thanks to this technology, we have saved 90% of water. We decided on the given technology due to the lack of precipitation, we did not have enough fodder crops in the fields, and we were thinking about reducing the number of our animals. Thanks to BHT Bio Technology, SE, not only do we have enough fodder, but we are thinking about increasing the herd of cattle and horses.“

Ing. Milan Šlambor

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Veľký Šariš, Slovakia

50 horses • 1 cultivating module • installed in 2018

„There was no experience with this technology in our region, so we were very much looking forward to how the whole system would work. It has simple operation and almost no failure rate. As a sales representative for Slovakia, we have already been approached by several companies in this field of agriculture and negotiations are currently underway with 10 companies on the possibility of purchasing this technology.“

Ľubomír Olejár

Trenčín, Slovakia

70 cows, 10 sheep, 15 goats, 10 horses • 1 cultivating module • installed in 2020

„We are very satisfied with the cultivation module by BHT Bio Technology, SE. It saves us time, water and consumption and is easy to operate and maintain. We have not only noticed an increase in the milk yield of our cows, but also higher fertility and reduced veterinarian visits. The calves are gaining weight quickly – those that were fed green fodder caught up with the calves that are a year older.“

Uhliská Farm

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Letters from farmers

Rakovník, Czech republic – Production

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