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Keep healthy animals. Save on vets. Increase breeding profits.

Cows give more milk

The rumen of the cow is sensitive to changes in pH. Green fodder contains a number of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins that have a positive effect on the cow’s digestive system. Therefore, cows are more resistant to acidosis and ketosis and have higher-quality milk with a higher fat content.

How does green fodder affect dairy breeds?

  • The milk yield of cows increases by 10-15%.
  • Milk contains 20-25% more fat.
  • Cow fertility increases by 15-20 %.

How does green fodder affect meat breeds?

  • Their meat has high quality because the animals do not need any special supplements and the green fodder is not chemically sprayed.
  • Cows gain weight faster because green fodder is rich in nutrients.

Small cattle has high-quality wool

Easily digestible fodder improves the quality of fur and wool of small cattle. Animals are resistant to disease and have better immunity. Females have more milk and their babies are healthier. The plants grow completely naturally without the intervention of chemical sprays, acid rain or contaminated soil.

Horses no longer need suplements

Fodder containing suplements is difficult to digest and expensive. In addition, poor quality supplements are a common source of diseases such as laminitis, colic or ulcers. Green fodder will easily replace all supplements in a natural way. The quality of the fur and its shine increases. Horses are more persistent and mares have more milk for their foals.

Pigs are gaining weight quicker

Fodder mixtures for pigs contain a lot of phytates. Pigs gain weight quickly, but their meat is not good. Green fodder easily replaces fodder mixtures and also contains natural phytase, which processes phytates. The meat is high quality and tastes great. There is 1 kilogram of green fodder per 1 kilogram of fodder mixture for pigs.

Nutrient-rich diet for poultry

The diet of poultry requires to be rich in minerals and vitamins. You usually need a number of supplements to supplement the nutrients. Green fodder replaces all supplements and promotes animal health. Hens with plenty of nutrients are more fertile and lay large eggs. The chickens hatch healthy and strong, which reduces the mortality of the young.

Green fodder pays off

Fresh green fodder also brings a number of savings. Take a look at them.

Revenues and savings overview

What is green fodder made of?

See what germinated grain looks like and what its nutritional value is.

Green fodder

How is it made?

How is it possible to feed the whole farm with fresh fodder all year round?

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