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The investment will pay for itself within two years

Your investment in green fodder will pay for itself in two years

Investments in green fodder modules are starting to pay off in just seven days. The container can be operated by one person, you save hectoliters of water a day and you avoid losses in bad weather. In addition, you get free space and save storage space. All this leads to higher farm incomes, time, and energy savings.

Save 85% on storage

Green fodder requires only 15% of storage space compared to other crops, because you only need to store the grain. You get 7 kilograms of fodder from 1 kilogram of grain. The fodder is fresh and ready to be fed to animals every day and does not need any storage space.

99% space saving

Modules with green fodder save 99% of space. You grow 180 tons of green fodder on 30 m² per year. To grow the same amount of fodder in a conventional way, you would need 35 hectares of land, agricultural machinery and a bunch of workers.

62% less work

Moduly se zeleným krmivem jsou poloautomatické a o spoustu věcí se postarají samy. Zalévají rostlinky okysličenou vodou, udržují správnou vlhkost a teplotu vzduchu a zajišťují dostatečné osvětlení. Modulu věnujete 2-3 hodiny denně, tedy o 62 % času méně. Vaše práce obnáší setí nového zrna, sklizeň zeleného krmiva a vymývání klíčících poliček.

90% lower water consumption

You only need 1,000 liters of water a day to grow green fodder. Compared to conventional farming, you use only 10%, which is very environmentally friendly. You will get back up to 600 liters of drinking water enriched with minerals, starch and vitamins a day. It is usually given to animals instead of molasses.

We will calculate the return for your farm

We will prepare a plan of your investment returns for free. You will find out how green fodder will benefit your farm and how long it will take for your investment to return. Give us a call.