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How much space is needed to place the cultivating module?

The cultivating modules are very compact. They take up only 30 m². It is advisable that you have enough space around it for fodder handling. You can simply move the module elsewhere at any time, and you no longer need silos and barns to store your fodder. You just harvest the green fodder and have new one to feed the next day. No supplies to worry about.

How many people are needed to work with the module?

Cultivating modules require only 3 hours of human work. So one person will easily handle it and will still have a lot of time left. Manipulation with the module is easy. You feed the mature plants, wash the cultivating containers, and sow new grain. That is the only work you need to do.

Please explain the concept of green fodder to us.

Green fodder is a germinated cereal that livestock feeds. The sprouts germinate to a height of 15-20 cm. At that time, the plant reaches the highest possible nutritional value from the entire phase of its growth. You grow green fodder in water-based growing modules. You don’t need any fertilizers, chemical sprays or soil.

So, everything can germinate – barley, oats, wheat?

Yes, in our module you sow and harvest barley, oats, and wheat.

What are the advantages of a sprouted kernel over feeding a classic, for example pressed grain?

Green fodder contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. In its natural form, it is easily digestible and does not burden the digestive system of animals. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, E, pantothenic acid, nicotinamide, biotin, inositol, folic acid, amino acids, and many others. Dry grain is too hard, and the body will not use it to the fullest. Compared to dry grain, sprouted grain has about twice the nitrogen content and a 33% lower energy value.dusíkatých látek a o 33 % nižší energetickou hodnotu.

For which animals is sprouted grain suitable?

Green fodder is enjoyed by cattle, horses, poultry, cows, and pigs. It supplies the animals with all the necessary minerals and vitamins. Thanks to that, they develop healthily and are more productive.

Does it change in taste?

The taste of green fodder differs slightly from conventionally grown crops. The reason is the absence of fertilizers, sprays, acid rain and contaminated soil. Because our fodder grows from ordinary water, the taste is not affected. It is close to natural taste and tastes good to animals.

Does sprouted grain have other positive effects?

Thanks to the isolation from the surrounding environment, the plants are not affected by external influences such as drought, flood, or frost. They are not affected by acid rain or soil toxicity. As a result, green fodder reaches high nutritional values and has a beneficial effect on the animals. In livestock, milk yield increases by 10-15% and the fat content in milk by 20-25%. The meat is better quality, the animals gain weight faster and are healthy and productive for a longer time. Fertility also increases by 15-20%. In horses, the risk of diseases such as laminitis, colic, and ulcers is reduced. Thanks to the antioxidant properties of vitamin E, horses are more persistent, and their muscle activity improves. The quality of fur and horn is increasing, and mares have more milk for their animals.

Can you describe the germination process? I assume this will require complex equipment.

The germination cycle lasts 7 days. 1st – 3rd day the seed germinates, 3rd – 5th day the shoots grow, 5th – 7th day the sprouts are ready to be fed to the animals. Our experienced engineers have developed fully automated modules. They are easy to maintain and suitable for multiple transports. We have been working on cultivating systems since 2012. We design and manufacture cultivating systems of various levels of performance and operation and are constantly improving them. We have been developing cultivating modules for 4 years and it was challenging from the beginning. Over time, however, we have avoided many of the problems that BIO cultivation entails. Our modules work with minimal human effort and are very economical. With the cultivating module, it is not financially favorable to grow fodder in the field or even buy it. Growing green fodder for you will start in a single moment. You just purchase a module and press a button. The module will basically take care of itself.

What about maintaining the quality of sprouted grain? Quality fodder without mold and putrefaction processes is important for horses, otherwise they are at risk of health complications. How long will the product last in good condition?

High-quality fodder without mold and putrefaction is more than important to us. We have provided special protection for the cultivating modules. Mold and rot have no chance. Water and air pass through filtration. Strict, pre-set conditions prevail inside the module. The modules are automatic and regulate the optimal environment according to the settings. For example, inflow, outflow and water temperature or air temperature and humidity. Cultivating modules are well suited for the production livestock.

Do you offer a version for horse breeding?

Our technology is universal. Green fodder is suitable for farm animals as well as for animals for sports purposes. Sprouted grain is a pure harmless product in ECO and BIO quality.

And what about fans of healthy eating?

We have not forgotten about fans of healthy eating. We are preparing microgreens, fresh barley, and extracted juice from young barley. It has beneficial effects on the human body and is rightly called the superfood of the 21st century. We plan to enter the food market for human consumption by the end of 2020.

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