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We will calculate the return for your farm on your investment into our cultivating module and arrange a meeting for free.

About us

BHT Bio Technology, SE

We increase farm productivity and make it easier for farmers to grow their own fodder. We have been working with cultivating modules since 2012 and their qualities are being appreciated on more than twenty farms.

Green fodder all year round

Cultivating modules produce green fodder every day of the year, regardless of the weather and outdoor conditions. Did you know that you can also grow in BIO quality?

For small and large farms

We offer two variants of the cultivating module. For small farms, we install green fodder technology into shipping containers. You can grow 500 kilograms of green fodder in one shipping container every day. For large farms, we install our cultivating technology into halls. The modules are automated and take care of themselves.

Green fodder is enjoyed by all animals

Poultry, cattle, cows, horses, and pigs will enjoy fresh plants. Grow wheat, barley, or oats. The fodder is not affected by acid rain, contaminated soil, and chemical sprays. It is therefore easy to digest and contains a high amount of nutrients. Animals are healthier and more productive.


Green fodder grows on the basis of oxygenated water without the use of substrate or soil, regardless of climatic conditions. The fodder germinates for seven days and the animals consume it with sprouts and roots. It is enjoyed by cattle, poultry, pigs, horses, and cows.

Green fodder is freshly germinated grain. The animals consume the entire root system, not just the sprouts. The plants grow freely, no soil or substrate is used for their cultivation.

Green fodder is a natural source of important vitamins and minerals for the animals. It is grown in a clean environment without chemical spraying, acid rain or contaminated soil. As a result, it contains a high amount of easily digestible nutrients. The animals are healthy, and they enjoy the green fodder. Green fodder supports the natural muscle growth of animals and prolongs the length of the fertile period.


Time availability

Keep healthy animals. Save on vets. Increase breeding profits.

Green fodder



Cows give more milk



Small cattle has high-quality wool



Pigs are gaining weight quicker

Zelene krmivo


Horses no longer need suplements



Nutrient-rich diet for poultry


„Pěstební technologie instalovaná v lodním kontejneru je pro nás velkým přínosem. Příjemně nás překvapila jednoduchá manipulace a velice nízká spotřeba vody. Díky této technologii jsme ušetřili 90% vody. Pro danou technologii jsme se rozhodli z důvodů nedostatku srážek, na polích se nám neurodilo dostatek krmných plodin a přemýšleli jsme o snižování stavu zvířat. Díky Bio Technology, SE nejenom že máme dostatek krmiva, ale přemýšlíme o navýšení stavů stáda skotu i koní.“

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Visit us and take a closer look at our modules. We will show you how the whole system works, introduce you to simple operation and you will be able to see for yourself how animals enjoy the green fodder.