How farmers deal with cold weather

Winter is knocking on the door and the farms are getting really busy. You need to get enough fodder for the whole wintertime and make enough supplies. See how farmers deal with cold weather. Feeding in winter gets difficult During the winter, the fields and meadows are covered with snow and the animals lose important […]

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How to feed more cows from a small field?

Expanding your herd is not just about buying new cattle. You need a constant supply of fodder for your animals. This involves a number of investments and further planning. Learn how to easily expand your herd. Your own field will not be enough to feed your herd Maybe you have your own field where you […]

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How farmers deal with drought

Droughts and unpredictable weather complicate the crop production. Plants grown in the field often do not grow to the required dimensions and their quality is not sufficient. We will show you how farmers struggle with drought. Irrigation as the only solution There is only one option for the farmers in times of drought. The fields […]

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