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How to feed more cows from a small field?

Expanding your herd is not just about buying new cattle. You need a constant supply of fodder for your animals. This involves a number of investments and further planning. Learn how to easily expand your herd.

Your own field will not be enough to feed your herd

Maybe you have your own field where you grow wheat. You partially provide fodder for your herds. You can be sure that the fodder is high-quality and available at any time. The problem occurs in bad weather. In our conditions, temperature fluctuations often complicate your plans. Drought or heavy rains destroy the crop. Contaminated soil, acid rain and the necessary spraying also play a role. All of this reduces the quality and quantity of fodder.

Fodder mixtures often don’t suit the animals

You can also easily feed your herd with a fodder mixture that replenishes nutrients. However, mixtures are composed of different crops in different proportions and are expensive. Animals have a sensitive digestive system and fodder mixture is not a natural source of nutrients. This leads to health problems and other expenses on the vet. This really isn’t the way to expand your herd.

Another field is not a certainty

You can buy more fields to expand your herd. A larger area for cultivation equals more crops and fodder. However, with another field, there are more worries. You need more staff, time, and machines. In addition, you are still struggling with bad weather, so even a larger area will not guarantee you more fodder.

Be independent of suppliers and save money

If you feed your animals with fodder mixture, you are dependent on suppliers. It may not always work out. You need to store the mixtures somewhere and you’re paying a lot of money for it.

Make your own fodder

When you make green fodder yourself, it will save you a lot of money. Your animals will be healthy, and you will also gain hours of time. How can you make your own fodder? In the cultivating module.

You can have your own green fodder in a week

The cultivating modules will provide green fodder within seven days of sowing the first batch of grain. We will install the cultivating module for you, you will sow the grain and leave the rest to the module. In seven days, you have half a ton of fodder for your herd. To have enough fodder for the next few days, you simply add new grain every day.

You get 7x more fodder 

With cultivating modules, you grow 7 times more fodder. The plants in the cultivating modules are not affected by weather and grow in ideal conditions. Thanks to this, there are no losses, and the plants are always high quality, fresh and full of vitamins. You get seven kilograms of green fodder from one kilogram of grain. This way you calculate exactly how much fodder your animals consume and how many cattle you can afford.

You only need one field

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new field, now you don’t have to. With the cultivating module, the field you have now will be just enough. You simply buy cultivating modules and grow what you make the most profit from in the fields. Expand your herd according to your budget and feed it thanks to cultivating modules.

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