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How farmers deal with drought

Droughts and unpredictable weather complicate the crop production. Plants grown in the field often do not grow to the required dimensions and their quality is not sufficient. We will show you how farmers struggle with drought.

Irrigation as the only solution

There is only one option for the farmers in times of drought. The fields must be regularly watered. However, the usual method of irrigation comes with complications and unnecessary expenses.

High costs

Irrigation equipment is expensive and may sometimes need service or repairing. With a more efficient system, you would simply use the time of the staff that is taking care of irrigation elsewhere to increase your farm’s profits.

High water consumption

Irrigating fields requires thousands of liters of water per day. Especially in times of drought. In addition, most farms only have drinking water available, which they just drain into the field. This method of irrigation is very uneconomical and unecological. In addition, drinking water is expensive and you consume thousands of liters a day in the field.

Uncertain outcome

Every year is different, and you never know how much you will actually end up harvesting. Everything is one big surprise, which can result in a lack of fodder. Solution? You will quickly buy the first fodder you can get. And that’s just trouble. The digestive system of animals is sensitive to poor quality fodder. Have a daily supply of your own green fodder instead.

You irrigate the field, and it rains

The weather does not always turn out the way you expected. One day you water the fields, the next day a heavy downpour comes. You mercilessly wash away most of the seedlings and half the harvest is lost. Bad weather comes with unnecessary expenses you must deal with.

Cultivating modules can handle all kinds of weather

Cultivating modules work regardless of the weather. Whether it is a storm outside, it’s pouring rain, or bright sunshine, green fodder is available every day and you don’t have to worry about irrigation. The cultivating module consumes 1,000 liters a day, where 600 liters will be returned to you in the form of liquid molasses for your animals. You will save hours of time, because the module will take you only 3 hours of work per day.

You know how much you will harvest

The cultivating module works with a ratio of 1: 7. That means only one thing for you. You sow 1 kilogram of grain and get 7 kilograms of green fodder. The result is certain, and you know how much green fodder you will have in advance.

Increase the profits of your farm and get rid of unnecessary worries. With our cultivating module, you don’t have to worry about the weather, irrigation equipment and the workers who take care of your fields.

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