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How farmers deal with cold weather

Winter is knocking on the door and the farms are getting really busy. You need to get enough fodder for the whole wintertime and make enough supplies. See how farmers deal with cold weather.

Feeding in winter gets difficult

During the winter, the fields and meadows are covered with snow and the animals lose important vitamins and minerals, which you must supplement differently. Supplementary fodder takes up a lot of space and you need to have perfect access to it in every situation.

The farm loses finances over the winter

You invest a large part of your money in fodder supplies for the whole winter and in the space where you store fodder. You can’t always place the fodder close to stables and barns, so you need machines to transport the fodder. Animals gain weight slower and their products are lower quality because fodder mixtures do not fully substitute nutrients from pasture.

Fodder mixtures are an emergency option

Fodder mixtures are expensive and sometimes low-quality. It is an emergency solution at a time when animals do not receive nutrients from natural sources. However, there is a number of concerns with fodder mixtures. Animals are not used to the mixture because they do not need it during the year, and it may not suit them.

Corn silage cannot replace pasture

Corn silage contains the largest percentage of starch and carbohydrates. Thanks to that, cows gain weight faster and have more milk. However, they lack the important nutrients they have on the pasture during the season. This reduces cow’s quality of meat, milk, and fur.

Hay only brings you trouble

Maybe you make the hay yourself, maybe you buy it. In both cases, you will spend hours arranging everything. You have to pay the employees, have enough machines, deal with farm insurance in the event of a fire. The barn or shed where you place the fodder must be in perfect condition. This sometimes means replacing the entire roof. But there is a much simpler solution.

Bet on cultivating modules with green fodder

The winter season will be as profitable for you as the rest of the year. Green fodder modules produce half a ton of green fodder a day all year round. Thanks to them, the animals have a daily supply of fresh fodder full of nutrients. You don’t need any storage space and the animals don’t have to get used to anything new. Thanks to that, they are healthy, and you will save on vet visits.

An independent source of green fodder

The modules are independent of weather and outdoor conditions. They have low consumption and basically take care of themselves. You just sow the grain and harvest the mature plants that are ready to be fed to your animals.

Read more about the green fodder modules.

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