Make your own green fodder

It’s easy

1.Pour the grain  
2. Let it germinate*
3. Feed your animals

* The germination cycle takes 7 days. To be able to feed every day, you need to pour the grain into the next floor of the shelf every day.

Just a couple of ingredients

• 1 cubic meter of water
• approximately 70 kilograms of grain
• an average of 1 kWh of electricity, which takes care of enough heat, light, humidity, and air exchange

And the result? You get 500 kilograms of green fodder.

How does green fodder germinate?

The cultivating module BHT GREENTEC takes care of the ideal humidity and supplies enough light and heat. It wateres the plants and then drains the water. Within 7 days, the grain germinates, and the plants gradually grow.

Water Inflow

Water Outflow

We install into shipping containers…

We created fully automated green fodder cultivating modules, that were tested by a number of foreign farmers. The module is mobile, and you can move it at any time.

Get a closer look at the interior of our cultivating module

Za každého počasí
Téměř bez práce
Denně až 500 kg krmiva

… and also into halls

We have also adapted our cultivating modules for larger farms with higher fodder consumption. We install modules with green fodder into halls, where you can easily grow 1 ton of fodder a day.

I want to have the amount of fodder under control

Make it yourself. Every day all year round, regardless of weather, climate, or temperature fluctuations.
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Visit us and take a closer look at our modules. We will show you how the whole system works, introduce you to simple operation and you will be able to see for yourself how animals enjoy the green fodder.

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